Friday, 6 August 2010

Thompson's Eagle Claw Motorcycle park

Those of you who know me, and that's most of you, will appreaciate this... 

My last night in Alaska wa spent in Tok at the Thompson's Eagle Claw Motorcycle Park. Famous in adverture motorcycle circles, the Thompsons run this "off the grid" campsite for overland bikers (manily Americans on Harleys). There is no electricity or running water but for $10 a night what do you want. I arrived and set up and then sat down with the Thompsons and the two other campers for the evening. We were fed blueberry cake and the conversation revolved around hunting. Mr. Thompson went into soemd etail about how to skin a Moose properly and both Mike (from Ohio) and Dan (from Minnesota) occasionally added some detail. I did extremely well to keep up with it all. I think they thought I didn't know much simply because I was British.

Later they took a look at my bike and Dan INSISTED on cleaning the windshield! It was covered in squashed flies and was rather dirty but he insisted on getting out his special cleaning kit and giving it a good clean. He was using a citrus based orange substance which I  was sure was going to be very attractive to the local bear population!  I slept very close to my anti-bear pepper spray that night (More on bears in my next blog)

Polishing up the Union Flag!

Mike and Dan were great company that evening. I've yet to meet someone who hasn't been friendly and interesting. Still Tracy's coming out next week...

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