Sunday, 8 January 2012

Tunisia - without Heidi

I was just about to sit down and do some more writing when I had a look at my blog. I'm getting more hits on it than I did when it was actually active and I was travelling. Weird. Who are all you people? I assume it's through the Ted Simon Foundation which means lots of people are logging on to read about motorcycle adventures - sorry, you'll be disappointed.

All I can say is, I'm trying my best to get this damn book thing done. I hope to have finished a first draft by Easter and then, no doubt there will be months and months of redrafting etc etc etc.

I did go on holiday over Christmas - without the bike. To Tunisia. And I can highly recommend it as a destination. There are NO TOURISTS there at the moment, great roads and wondeful Roman remains not to mention, in the south SAND! What more could an adventure biker want :)