Tuesday, 7 February 2012

February update

OK. February - not a great month for riding a motorcycle in the UK. Heidi is parked up outside and I haven't been out on her since before Christmas. I'm thinking I might take her out soon, but we're going through a cold spell at the moment.

This has meant, however, that I've been able to do some more writing. I've written about 140,000 words so far and I'm nearly at the end of my trip. By the end of this month I will have finished the first draft (how many drafts will I have to write? I have no idea) Once I've finished the first draft I'm going to go back through it checking it all and re-arranging some stuff to try to make it a little more interesting. Then I guess it will be time for a professional editor to step in and tell me its crap and I've just wasted six months :)

I'm of to Iceland next week for three days. I've always wanted to see the Northern Lights and this year is supposed to be a good one. So we have three nights to see them. I hope that's long enough. It's a long way to go if we don't see them.

I also have the first two weeks of April as holiday and really want to go somewhere on the bike. Early April is a little cold to head through Europe so it might have to be a trip around southern England. Perhaps not as exotic as Africa but I have't been down to Cornwall for a while and just riding Heidi anywhere sounds good at the moment. And April can be warm...