Saturday, 16 July 2011

My bike arrived!

Just a quick message.

My bike arrived yesterday. It only took 5 weeks to fly here from Kenya! So far I haven't had to pay any customs or taxes, but then again I haven't been sent the Carnet yet which I need.

I'm now in the process of "importing" it into the UK. This Thursday it goes for a MSVA test (a sort of pre-MOT test) then an MOT on Friday then Is end all the paperwork off to the DVLA. Hopefully that will onylt ake a couple of weeks to come through, but there are several stages in this and it only takes one hiccup to stop the whole process.

I would love to have it all completed in 2-3 weeks so Tracy and I can, at least, go up to Scotland for a couple of weeks before summer ends and I have to start work (I know I know... this time last year I was just about to set off and now it's almost a distant dream) But then again I'm really lucky to have found a job so I can't complain.

I'll post a few photos and details of what happens with the whole importing thing incase anyone is interested.