Sunday, 18 March 2012

March update

Another month and again not as much progress made on my writing as I would have hoped. At the moment I'm not sure I can see the end of this project and wonder if I've bitten off more than I can chew.

Anyway, I have managed to get the first draft done. I've written 120 pages (85,000 words) on the Americas section and 99 pages (67,000 words) on the African section. Now I'm going back over it, improving, changing etc. This will take me a month or so I guess. Then I'll need to get some professional editing help. This will be the scary part. I'll send of what I think is a good manuscript only for it to come back with loads of comments and criticism. I think this part might be hard to take. We'll see.

I've signed up for the HorizonsUnlimited bike rally in the UK in July. I'm going to do a talk on my trip agian - not sure anyone will be interested as I did it last year, but I'll offer it) and at the beginning of April Tracy and I are going off to bike around the south west of the UK. Down to Cornwall for a week. Hopefully we'll visit David and Jill ( Travels with Nancy) who I met in North America last year.

I also got a phone call out fo the blue two weeks ago. Nevil, from Canada, rang me just to say hi (Those long winter nights in Canada....) He's planning a bike trip from the UK to Monglia for next year. I also got an email from Tom (The American I rode thorugh Africa with). He's going to be in the UK in May, so I'll hook up with him which will be nice. I regularly "talk" to Darlly who's working in Canada. I believe he hasn't been able to get his bike on the road yet as it's still winter up there.

As I'm actually taking Heidi out in two weeks I'll post a few photos in April of us on tour in the UK. Every time I go out on my bike I still get a thrill from knowing that the bike I'm riding around on in the UK is the very same bike I rode in Alaska - through the US - down to Panama - from Cape Town to Nairobi. 

So, sorry again to the peope who are visiting my blog at the moment. Not very exciting I know. But if you scrool down, or look at a different page you can catch up on what I did last year. This time last year my bike arrived in Cape Town and I was about to set off on the African section of my trip.......