Saturday, 26 November 2011

I was feeling a little smug

Took my bike out today. I spent the day with lots of other fat, middle aged balding men, an alarming number of people in wheelchairs or with crutches and a few scantilly clad women - all who seemed to be called Carole Nash.

 Yes, that's right, I was at the NEC Motorcycle live show.

BMW 1200GSA "Triple black edition" £16,000!

I must admit I walked around with a bit of a smug attitude. Two years ago I'd gone to the show needing to buy a few things for my trip. Now I've done my trip (and am fully aware that I didn't need half the things I took!) and looked at all the stuff I could get on the Touratech stall and thought to myself - Hum, you don't need all that!

Fully loaded touratech bike

I found the "traveldri -plus"  stand and had a chat with Sam Manicom. He's been very helpful in getting me started on writing my book and it was great to catch up with him again.

Kawasaki haven't quite grasped the realities of two-up overland travel

There were also some weird bikes

Oh - when I get old I can see myself touring Europe on this - BMW 1600

Triumph's new Adventure bike - very nice

Damn - where did I park?

So, I'm still trying to write, and my plan is to finish a first draft by March. I'm currently writing and am nearly on the Namibian section. It's hard to get anything done during the week so I try to spend a few hours at the weekend but even that can be hard sometimes. I try to update my blog once a month - so if you want to know how it's going, come back...