Thursday, 19 August 2010


Just a quick update as I have easy web access here in Banff and tomorrow we're off to Jasper to camp for three days. Yes, I said WE. Somehow Tracy managed to find me and she has joined me for the next three weeks.

We've spend two good (and very hot) days in Banff, walking around the local trails and riding a little as well. Tomorrow we've got to try to fit Tracy and all our gear onto the bike, but I'm sure we'll manage it somehow. Tracy has been to Canada a few times, in her youth, and says it feels weird to be back somewhere she came to 30 odd years ago. This was all said whilst stuffing a Canadain donut into her mouth (Apparantly she likes Canadian donuts)

We haven't spotted any bears yet but did see a HUGE Elk yesterday. Unfortunatley I didn't have the camera.

Ochre springs in Kootenay NP

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