Friday, 6 August 2010

"Blame Canada Blame Canada"

I couldn't think of any other song with Canada in it, so this is what I sang as I crossed the border. And what a border it was. It took 30 seconds and I didn't even get off the bike. Oh how I will miss that when I'm in Central America and it takes half a day and Trcay gets into a heated argument with an offical about something.

So - Canada. "First time caller" as they say and so far so good. Alaska was fast food and "Cawfeeeee". Canada started with crepes and Tea. How civilized. I'm currently in Whitehorse, capital of The Yukon. The Yukon is twice the size of the UK and has a TOTAL population of 30,000 (more than half of whom live in Whitehorse). That's just astounding. This land is SO BIG. And silent. The thing that really gets me is stopping the bike and listening to to the silence. There is very little traffic on the road and it's easy to pull up at a rest stop, look out at miles and miles and rolling hills and hear absolutely nothing.
Drying stuff out

I really enjoyed Alaska, great for riding a bike. In 10 days I covered 2500 miles and after the initial rain in Anchorage the weather has been good. I hit a few dirt tracks building up my off road confidence, and stopped at the Crazy Dog kennels where John and Zoya rescue and look after sled dogs. They have over 60 which they train up and race. They were really friendly people and John (who is quite famous in the sled dog racing world - he's won the Yukon Quest twice) took me on a two hour personal tour of the set up. What I don't know about Sled dog racing now....

Sled dog rescue centre in Alaska

I then decided to head down a 60 mile cul-de-sac to a place called McCarthy. It was the centre of the copper mine industry 100 years ago the place has hardly changed. After riding 60 miles down this road you have to cross two bridges by foot to get to the place. It only had one street and the lovingly restored hotels (both brothels in it's hay day) made the place look like a film set for a Western. The only thing that spoiled the trip was the $22 for the campsite PLUS $10 more if you wanted a shower!

60 miles of this to McCarthy and then back again

Glen Highway in Alaska - Perfect biking road

Me and Tracy in 20 years!

Recreation Vehicles (RVs) plus car. Camping the American way!

Canada have the wonderful Municipal campgrounds - for £8 a night (no showers)

 Heading for a motorbike rally next week in Nakusp and then Tracy arrives. As I head into Northern BC in a few days I don't expect much internet activity. It's sparse out there.  Oh, and in case you hadn't worked it out, if you click on the google map at the top of the blog I'm trying to keep an up to date pictoral trail of my route.


  1. with their beady little eyes.

  2. Great ride you're on! I just returned from a BC, Canada to Panama and back ride last month. If you need any info I would be glad to share my experiences when you get down that way. I Will be at the Horizons Unlimited rally this weekend, don't be surprised if I seek you out and say hello!

    (Islandspark on HU)