Sunday, 15 August 2010

Phase one complete

Canada – so far, fantastic roads, great people wonderful food and good company. I've been riding with Paul, Patrick and Nevil for about a week now and we've all ended up at a big Adventure Motorcycle meeting in Nakusp. It was always my intention to come to this meeting which is organised by the excellent HorizonsUnlimited website. I went to their UK meeting in Derby in June and arranged to go to this one and do a presentation on my trip so far.

I did my talk on Thursday night to around 100-150 bikers. A little daunting as I still consider myself a complete novice to adventure biking. But it went down well and I got a few laughs by making fun of Harleys and Texans. ( I said I was travelling with a Texan and when he bought a litre of engine oil I asked him if he wanted help finding a beech to pour it on. - that went down well)

It feels like phase one of the trip is coming to an end. Three weeks and 4500 miles down and now phase two, the bit where Tracy turns up, is about to start. I love it when a plan comes together.

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