Monday, 9 August 2010


Check out the claws on this Grizzly

The last three days have been awesome. It all started with a forest fire. Because of a fire in BC (British Columbia) just south of Watson Lake we had to get piloted through in a convoy. 25 motorbikes and dozens and dozens of camper vans. I met up with Patrick (Irish - Africa twin) Paul (USA - Kawasaki KLR 650) and Stuart (USA - BMW F800). We headed off down some dirt track for 70 miles to a place called Telegraph Creek. An excellent road full of swish backs and deep gorges and great views. We then hooked up with Nevil (Brit, BMW 1200 GS Adv.)Then we moved on to Stewart when there are BEARS. On the road we saw two bears and then at Hyder (just passed Stewart) there is a bear viewing stream. Salmon spawn in the stream and the bears come down to feast. It's not quite the pictures you get with a BBC Wildlife documentary - no little waterfall where the bears just stand with there mouths open, but nonetheless I saw a black bear and a big female Grizzly fishing. (See pictures - and when I have time to load it a video).  Internet access is a little limited here but by the weekend I should be closer to civilisation.

Better get back on the road. Totem poles today...
Black bear

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