Friday, 14 August 2015

Riding a motorcycle - a lot like life.

Riding a motorcycle is easy. You just sit on it and with very little effort you're on your way. You can almost fall asleep it's so easy. 

The bike takes you along and you don't really have to pay much attention. Of course it helps if you do! In fact it's better if you look up and take in what you're doing. Don't look down at the immediate ground in front of you. You'll get taken in by what's about to happen but it's to late to do anything much about it. The journey becomes a constant slalom from one thing to another as you try to avoid imminent problems and hazards. But this narrow, blinkered view of things means you don't really take in the bigger picture.

Look up, ahead, take in what's coming in the future. Perhaps even stand up so you can see further. Be big and bold and make your presence known. Look at the options, the forks in the road and choose your own path. 

Act don't react. 

That way you will really be riding. You'll have taken charge of your journey. The immediate will take care of itself and you'll be focused on the bigger picture, planning ahead and confidently steering your way.

Riding a motorcycle - a lot like life. 

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