Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Greece - is the word!

I popped in to Greece for a couple of days: why not! I was heading for the famous Meteora Monasteries - a series of six monasteries perched on top of ( conveniently) six mountain tops. I was very impressed.

This was one occasion I really wished I had a good camera and not just an iPad.

So that was Greece. Did I notice any problems? Well, I suppose if I looked closely enough -  lots of political graffiti, quiet roads, especially the toll motorway, the first campsite I stopped at had closed down, I had to pay for petrol with cash not MasterCard. That sort of thing. But perhaps Greece has always been like this? 

It certainly wasn't dirt cheap. Petrol was £1:10 a litre. Although my campsite was an excellent £6 including a swimming pool!

I had a lovely shady spot ( it was 35 degrees in Greece) 


August 12th I moved on to Macedonia. Interestingly Greek signs didn't tell me I was heading for Macedonia as they claim the name for their northern province. Signs just pointed towards F.Y.R.O.M ( which stand for, not that they tell you, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) 

Childish or what? 

And before anyone gets the hump. I couldn't care less what people call their countries/ regions. If Yorkshire wants to break away and call itself Real Britain then good luck to them. 

Heidi is still running perfectly. I seem to have fixed my rear break light problem ( I surprise myself sometimes) and, although today in Macedonia I had a couple of idiots try to run me off the road, generally I've been very impressed with the traffic and road conditions. 

So I've got nothing bad to report. I'm still having a wonderful time and wish I could make a career out of this. It's the one thing I'm good at! 

I've noticed how my thoughts have changed over the last three weeks. From worrying about doing the trip, to worrying about work, to worrying about other stuff  I can't control, to stopping worrying! 

I've forgotten all about work worries and the fact that we have a Tory Government ( well, almost forgotten!) and I'm trying to put it all into perspective. Non of it matters, nothing matters. We're all just swimming in a fish bowl, year after year - or something like that. 

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