Saturday, 15 December 2012

getting closer

It's been months since I updated my blog and there's a reason for that. Two in fact.

The first is that I'm lazy and as I'm not on my bike trip anymore I haven't got anything exciting to say.

But the second reason is that I've been working on my book. I've written 150,000 words and it is currently being edited. I'd really like to think that I could have it published by next May (In time for the UK HUBB meeting) but that is looking tight.

It might take another two to three months to finish the editing stage and then it could take two to three months to get published. I'm hoping to self publish which means I pay an online publisher to print the book. I think I'm going with which is the company Norman Magowan used to publish

My biggest headache at the moment is that I just can't think of a title for the thing. And without a title I can't start setting up a website to advertise the book. I also need to plan a cover and and stuck on that as well. The two things people look at when deciding to buy a book -  the title and the cover - and I'm stuck. No point having 150,000 words if I don't have a title.

I was thinking of just  "thedomwayround" as that worked for the trip and blog but I've been STRONGLY advised against it as it looks like I'm copying Ewan and Charley. I understand why that is the case but I still like it as a title because what I did was the Dom way round.

Anyone got any suggestions?????

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