Sunday, 8 July 2012

HU meeting

Rain, mud and bikers. What a great weekend. Just got back from the HU meeting in Ripley. Another great time meeting up with other adventure bikers and hearing stories of people's travels around the globe.

I did a talk (which in all honesty didn't go well as I tried to cover too much and never really got to grips with any of it) but Heidi managed to win the "most travelled bike" competition. I'm so pround of her!

Heidi lined up in the bike competition

The weather wasn't kind but it most certainly could have been worse. It actually cleared up on the saturday but I think the weather put a few people off and numbers were down on last year.

I've pick up a few ideas on where to travel too next and I got some advice on my writing which I hope to move onto the next stage within the month. I spoke to Ted Simon and he's looking forward to getting my manuscript so I'd better get on with it...

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