Thursday, 29 July 2010


Am I Fairbanks today. So far I like it. It's got that end of the road feel (because it is) BUT its a huge University town and has real University feel to it.

More importantly, the day before yesterday I rode 250 miles down from Anchorage to Seward "on one of Americas top 10 rides". Not a bad way to start a trip. The route was fabulous, sweeping views, curvy roads, ice blue lakes, snowcapped get the idea.

Oh yeah, and MY FIRST MOOSE. See picture (and hopefully a video link when I get enough regular wi-fi to upload it.

I've tried to put in a few pictures to show the vastness of this place. It doesn't work but let me tell you ALASKA IS B I G. 2.2 times as big as Texas! Think, the best bits of Scotland, supersized and with a dash of danger (ie bears)

Loving it so far...

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