Monday, 28 June 2010

Ripley HUBB meeting

What a great weekend. 600 like minded bikers and some great presentations. I'm in awe of people like Tiffany Coates, The Forwoods,Grant and Susan, Ted Simon to name but a few. I really enjoyed my weekend and even enjoyed doing my presentation. I picked up a few tips and am now as ready as I'll ever be for this trip.

I even had a chat with a guy who's done a trip on a BMW 1200GS and has offered to show me what might go wrong with my bike. Fantastic, and an opportunity I can't miss.

Four weeks to go, but to be honest, I'm half way to Alaska already. MotoQuest have bought all the little extras I asked for and have serviced the bike. I bought a helmet (Shoei Multitec) from The Motorbike Shop in Anchorage and now have everything I need. My "to do" list has got shorter and shorter. The final thing is to buy bike insurance through "progressive" which I shall do this week.

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