Friday, 16 April 2010

100 days to go.

I've just realised - 100 days to go. Seems like for ever, but I'm sure it will fly by in many ways. Everything seems to be in hand at the moment. Even though I haven't actually bought the bike yet!

I've researched travel insurance and will get that with Navigator Travel. I've arranged for Rabies and yellow fever jabs and am looking into Malaria. As soon as I've arranged to buy the bike I can start in the Carnet (for which there is no rush as I don't need one until January next year.

I've confimed with HUBB that I'm doing a talk at the June UK meeting (and one in Canada in August)

I've pretty much bought all the "stuff" I'm going to buy before I leave (assuming I can get everything else I need in Anchorage). Yesterday I ordered a Snugfit Merlin 3 sleeping bag and Coleman 533 duel fuel stove both of which I will try out on a camping weekend next week.

I'm writing this in Scotland, having just riden my Triumph Tiger 1050 up here. My next task is to sell this bike. I really like it but it doesn't make sense to keep it for a year and not use it. So next week I'll be putting it in bike trader.

I also need to work out how to add pictures to my blog...

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