Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Gone Riding - on sale

On this blog I write about my motorcycle adventures. In 2014 I went to Romania; in 2013, Norway; 2012 Scotland and in 2010-11 I took a year to ride 30,000 miles through 18 countries.

I wrote a book about that trip and Gone Riding is selling well. You can buy a signed copy direct from me at www.domgiles.co.uk  or you can get the Kindle from Amazon

Much more information about the trip and book is on my website www.domgiles.co.uk

Safe travels


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  1. Dom, I like your book a lot. But your ignorance about Mormons can get annoying. Please don't confuse us with fundamentalist Christians: we have no problem theologically with evolution or an 'old earth'. Mainstream geology and evolution are both taught at Brigham Young University, for example. I am a professor of biology and a Mormon myself and teach a course in evolution. Any corrections you can make in future editions will be appreciated.