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Tunnels, ferries and waterfalls - must be Norway


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Norway. A long time on my wish list of places to visit but I'd always put it off, partly because it's so expensive. But this year we decided it was about time we had a look at what Slartibartfast won his award for.

And I don't really care how expensive it is...Norway is awesome. Think of Scotland and British Columbia and add some Alaska and you might be half way there. Norway is Fjords, and bridges and tunnels and ferries and rain and quiet and green and crisp and clear and curvy and ordered and wild and expensive. Did I mention the rain?

On day two I gave up counting how many tunnels we'd been through and by day three I'd lost count of the number of ferries we'd used. This is a wonderful place to ride a motorcycle and I can't believe I waited so long to get here. Sometimes on my travels I get somewhere and think, “Why have I waited so long to come here? Why haven't I been here before?” Norway is such a place. Having now been here I just think it would have been an awful shame if I'd died never having been to Norway. (I know I wouldn't care because I'd be dead but hopefully you get the point.)

Of course it IS expensive. Camping is £27 per night for the two of us, petrol is around £1:60-70 a litre and eating out is beyond us. Unless it's pizza. We managed a pizza for two and a salad for £20. Mostly we buy food in the supermarkets and its around 30% more expensive than at home. £6 for a can of beer, which we shared!

But she's worth it. Norway, that is, not Tracy.

Every day has been a great ride but Tuesday was just the best. Having spent Monday walking up to Preikestolen (a two hour hike uphill to the 600 metre square rock overlooking a fjord) we headed north on Tuesday riding through the fjords (and often, it must be said, through the rain).

Two hours uphill - but worth it

Here are a few select photos from Preikestolen...

While there a rescue helicopter landed. Notice the man with the husky

We were really worried that the husky would get away and fall over the edge (It didn't)

I think he's holding his son's legs, not pushing him.

To round things off we then went on our first ever helicopter ride! To see Preikestolen from the air.

Pulpit rock - from the air

I spent an hour this morning and then an hour this evening trying to add the photos and post this blog. It isn't working properly so at the moment this is half the blog. The other half will come when I get better internet access.

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